Celebrities Vs. Troops: Prepare For Combat!

Former NBA Star Takes on Military Troops in Epic Basketball Tournament for L.A Fleet Week

TIGIT is sponsoring another AMAZING EVENT!  The San Pedro community is set to experience a clash of titans this weekend when celebrities take on the troops, part of a 2-day basketball tournament in partnership with the Ariza Elevated Game Awards, a nonprofit foundation co-founded by NBA Houston Rockets star Trevor Ariza.

Former Los Angeles Laker Metta World Peace will coach his star-studded celebrities to take on the troops in the final game of the basketball tournament which is sure to leave spectators breathless.

The event is part of L.A. Fleet Week and lasts from Saturday, Sept. 2 through Sunday, Sept. 3. Featuring 12 basketball teams -- including teams from the Navy, Coast Guard, Marine Corps, First Responders, and a team from the office of Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti -- only one will be able to take home the coveted Fleet Week Hoops Championship trophy and declare themselves the victors.  

The L.A. Fleet Week Foundation is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that supports the annual Fleet Week event in Los Angeles. The event is held every Labor Day weekend and has become a national tradition honoring the U.S. Navy, Marine Corps and Coast Guard. The event features something for everyone, including military activities, public events, concerts, aircraft demonstrations, a two-day basketball tournament and a STEM education expo. It's all part of the fun.

WHEN: Saturday, Sept. 2 - Tournament starts at 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. PST. Final championship game is Sunday, Sept. 3 at 11:30 a.m., followed by the Celebrities vs. Troops game at 12:30 p.m.

WHERE: The USS Battleship Iowa, 250 S. Harbor Boulevard, San Pedro, Calif.

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TIGIT is proud to be sponsoring the 2017 Ariza Elevated Game Awards Show weekend on July 8 and 9th in Los Angeles. 

The Ariza Elevated Game Awards is a nonprofit foundation co-founded by NBA World Champion and Houston Rocket star Trevor Ariza, along with his "big brother" Executive Director Alex Parker. Their cause hits home with Trevor because as a child, he had to endure not only losing his younger brother Tajh at the age of 5, but throughout Trevor's career, he was told he would never make it to college, let alone the pro's.  

Not only did he quickly rise the ranks as one of the premier college players in the country, but he then went on to win the coveted NBA World Championship with none other than the legendary Kobe Bryant and the Lakers. 

The foundation celebrates and honors high school senior student athletes every year who have gone through pain, struggle in their personal lives, to overcome and triumph in their education and respected sports.  It’s the high school version of the ESPY’s. 

Come celebrate with us on July 8th at Taft High School in Woodland Hills, CA where Trevor's closest friends, celebrities and family will be on attendance including a DJ, free give-away's and great food.  This is one event you don't want to miss!

Saturday July 8th - Ariza Elevated Game Awards Celebrity Basketball Game

TIGIT will be also sponsoring a Make My Day With $50k Contest during half-time where one random lucky fan will have a chance to win $50k by making 1 layup, 1 free-throw, 1 3 pointer and 1 half-court shot under 30 seconds.  This year, Trevor and team will face Detroit Pistons power-house Andre Drummond to see who will take home the coveted AEGA Heavyweight Title Belt. 

Offical Contest Rules:

No purchase necessary and void where prohibited. Must be 18 years to enter. 

2 ways to enter contest: A) registering online via the contest page or B) raffle ticket on day of the contest. Only 1 entry/email per person allowed. 

Contestant shall have only 30 seconds in which to make all the shots and must retrieve his or her own rebounds. 

Contestant may have as many attempts as necessary to make the shots except from the “Half Court” distance where he or she have only one (1) attempt. All distances are measured from the demarcation line to the center of the rim. The ball cannot bounce off the floor once contestant releases the ball for the shot attempt.

Contestant must shoot the sequence of shots in the following order and all shots must be at the same basket from the following distances regardless of the promotion location: Layup (starting from half court demarcation line), Free Throw (13’9”); Three Point Shot (20’9”); Half Court Shot (41’9”).

No part of contestant's body or clothing may come in contact with the demarcation lines prior to releasing the ball. Any such contact shall constitute a foul and the shot will be considered to be taken and missed.

Contestant must successfully shoot a regulation basketball (circumference of 29.5”) through a regulation size basketball hoop from the various NBA/NCAA selected distances. The sequence and order of shots that the contestant(s) shall attempt must be: Layup, Free Throw, Three Point Shot, and Half Court Shot. All shots must be made at the same basket.  Regardless of the promotion location, the contestant(s) must shoot a layup by starting at the NCAA/NBA half court demarcation line which is forty one feet nine inches (41’9”) away from the center of the rim and dribbling or carrying the ball to underneath the basketball rim to make the shot, must shoot a NCAA/NBA free throw from a distance to the hoop no less than thirteen feet nine inches (13’9”) from the shot location to the center of the rim, must shoot a NCAA three point shot from twenty feet nine inches (20’9”) from the shot location to the center of the rim, and must shoot a NCAA/NBA half court shot from forty one feet nine inches (41’9”) from the shot location to the center of the rim. All distances are measured from the demarcation line to the center of the rim.

Promotion contestant will be selected as follows:

Contestant will be randomly selected from a bin on the day of the contest at Taft High School - Woodland Hills, CA on 7/8/2017 during the game half-time. The raffle ticket and/or name with email, will be chosen from the bin at random until the first raffle ticket number of somebody in attendance at the named event is chosen. The selection will not be made sooner than the start of the game. No one contestant may be selected to participate on more than one occasion. The individual selected CANNOT choose another person to participate on his/her behalf. TIGIT, including but not limited to the Ariza Elevated Game Awards, its partners, promotion company, affiliates, sponsors, or any other representative(s) is not responsible for any lodging, transportation costs, airfare, food, or any other expenses to get to the event.  All expenses are the responsibility of the contestants, no exceptions.  Contestant is responsible for paying all taxes if awarded the $50k cash prize and not the responsibility of TIGIT, the Ariza Elevated Game Awards, its partners, sponsors, promotion company, the insurance company or other affiliates. 

The following classes of people shall be INELIGIBLE to participate:

  1. A) Current or former professional or semi-professional basketball players or coaches who have played or coached at that level anywhere in the world; current or former college or Olympic basketball players or coaches who have played or coached at that level anywhere in the world.

  2. B) Current or former employees, family members, agents, successors or assignees of the Client or any promotional agency involved with this promotion. Contestant(s) shall not be permitted any practice, warm up, or qualifying shots, at any time after his/her notification of participation in the promotion until the actual prize shot(s).

Contestant must read, review and sign the "Contestant Agreement to Participate" form, upon contestant(s) notification of participation in the promotion.


July 8th, 2017 Celebrity Basketball Game 

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Sunday July 9th - Ariza Elevated Game Awards Show 

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