Frequently Asked Questions


How big is the TIGIT Sleek 12000 & 5000 charger? 

The Sleek 12000 is approx. 6" inches long, about 2.5" inches wide and approx. 1" thick. In other words, it's about the length of a Samsung Galaxy Note 3, and about half an inch less wider than the Note 3 and it weighs just shy of a 1lb.

The Sleek 5000 is approx. 4" long and 1 3/4" wide and super light-weight, but powerful enough to charge almost any smart device. 

Does it charge an iPhone?

Yes!  The Sleek can charge both an android and iPhone.  Your purchase comes with 1 free micro-USB adapter, but not the Apple Lightening adapter.  You can use your existing iPhone adapter as long as it has a USB.  We will have 2-1 cables that comes with a Lightening adapter coming soon.  

Can I charge a tablet?

Absolutely. The Sleek 12000 has more than enough power to charge an Apple iPad Pro 1 time and a Microsoft Surface Pro 4 up to 2 times which is phenomenal!  

*How long many times can it charge my phone?

This is a great question to answer, so we will give you all the relevant details and hopefully that will help you understand how power banks work.

The number of times you can charge your device from a power bank is dependent on 3 primary factors:

1 - What device you are charging. 

The iPhone 4 has a 1,420mAh battery while the iPhone 6 Plus has a 2,915mAh battery. So the iPhone 4 can be charged twice as many times as the iPhone 6 Plus since it requires a lot less from the power bank for a 100% charge.

A good rule of thumb is to divide the mAh of your power bank by the mAh of your device battery. Now keep in mind this is never 100% accurate (see the next 2 reasons) but it will at least give you a rough idea.

*So a 12000mAh power bank would "theoretically" charge the iPhone 4 Plus from 0-100% 8.45 times (12000 / 1420 = 8.45). However you must keep reading to understand the other factors that are involved as this 8.45 number will sometimes not be accurate and will always be higher or lower than what you will actually receive.

2 - What is the device doing while it is being charged.

If you are watching a movie on your device while you are plugged into the power bank, you may drain the power bank but it will appear that your device never charged. This is because you were taking the charge out of your device battery as quickly as the power bank could charge it. 

If you leave your device on airplane mode and let it charge, you will get a lot more charges out of your power bank since the device is not taking much battery charge at all to run while the power bank is charging it up.

3 - The age and current charge of the power bank.

As lithium-ion batteries age, their capacity reduces. So a 12,000mAh battery today may only have 11,500mAh capacity in 6 months. This is also dependent on the temperature of the area where you store your power bank. When a battery is constantly stored in high heat (think 80° FFahrenheit and more), it's capacity will go down a bit quicker than if it is stored in a cooler environment. Don't put it in the freezer though! Just store it inside, out of the sun and in a cooler area. That will help extend the life and capacity of your battery. 

A battery may appear to be 100% charged but may only be 80 or 90% charged. Again, this will be due to the age and condition of the battery.

Another example is the Samsung Galaxy Note 6S which houses a 3,000mAh battery. With the Sleek 12000, you're able to charge your phone up to 4 times before have you to re-charge your Sleek which makes the Sleek ideal and convenient if you're always on the go and hate being stuck to a wall. 

How many devices can I charge with my Sleek 12000?

The Sleek 12000 comes with 2 ports to charge 2 smart devices at the same time.  One port is the 1A port which is fast but not as fast the next port which is 2.4A.  Plug your device into the 2.4A port and watch your smartphone charge lightening fast.  

How much talk, music and video playback time can I get?

The actual amount of extra battery life you will get depends on the type of phone, and the condition your phone is in.  In other words, if your phone has been through World War III, meaning it's been dropped multiple times, or the screen is cracked, moisture or liquid has gotten into the phone and/or it's just an older phone, most likely it's not going to keep a charge as long under those types of conditions.  

Think of a car made in 1998 with 300,000 miles and you put in a brand new battery. The new battery doesn't alter or change the fact that it's still an old car with a lot of miles because there are hundreds of other parts in the car that affect the way the car performs.  Below are a couple examples of how much additional time you will get with the Sleek:

Samsung Note 3

= up to 90 hours of additional talk time

= up to 315 hours of additional music playback time

= up to 48 hours of additional video playback time

Does my Sleek have a light torch on it?

Yes!  The LED light is a tool in those hard to see places.  For the 12000, just push the button twice on the side near the top and that will activate the LED light to turn on.  Push it twice again, and the light will turn off. 

For the 5000, hold the button 3 seconds to turn light on, and then hold 3 seconds to turn light off. 

What does the 4 LED lights indicate?

The 4 LED lights located on the side of the unit let you know just how much charging power you have left.  

4 LED lights = 75-100% energy remaining

3 LED lights = 50-75% energy remaining

2 LED lights = 25-50% energy remaining

1 LED light = 0-25% energy remaining

What happens if I get my Sleek wet and moisture or liquid gets inside the unit?

Do not use.  Do not use.  Do not use. Do not operate the power bank if it has been wet, or if moisture has gotten inside the unit thru the ports, or damaged to prevent against electric shock, explosion and/or injury. Improper repairs of this device may place the user at risk.   

What happens if I drop the unit on the ground?

Do not use the unit if it has been dropped or damaged in any way to prevent against shock and/or injury to yourself.