12000 mAh User Manual

Welcome to TIGIT!

Congratulations, you’ve purchased the latest product from TIGIT that can charge virtually any USB device in the world.  The TIGIT Sleek is capable of switching 1A charge and 2.4A.

Because the TIGIT Sleek is universal and will work with most USB devices, it’s hard to be specific about how much additional power you will get.  It depends on what kind of battery you are charging and what you are using it for.  However at 12000 mAh, you can be confident that the Sleek will keep you going for hours.

Package Contains:

  • (1) TIGIT Sleek Power Bank
  • USB charging cable
  • User manual


  • 12000 mAh TIGIT Sleek is compatible with just about anything.
  • High-density, high-output battery charges speeds of up to 2.4 amps. That’s almost 5 times faster than traditional USB batteries!
  • *Up to 8x extra battery (iPhone 4 comparison)
  • 2 USB ports for dual charging
  • Capable of charging the power hungry tablets, smartphones, and other large USB-powered devices.
  • LED torch light
  • The 4 LED charge status indicator lets you know how much fuel you have before you go.
  • Rechargeable for over 500 cycles
  • Built-in short circuit, overcharge and temperature protection.


The TIGIT Sleek has been designed to charge a variety of USB devices, specifically smartphones and tablets.  We have done extensive testing on a variety of products and can assure you that this device is fully compatible with most smart devices available today.  As a pre-caution, for whatever device you have -- PLEASE READ THROUGH ALL THE WARNINGS IN THIS MANUAL VERY CAREFULLY BEFORE USING THIS PRODUCT.

Charging your TIGIT Sleek:

Connect your Sleek using the included micro-USB cable.  You can charge your Sleek using your computer, or using a third party USB wall adapter.  The LED power indicator will blink when charging.  As the Sleek becomes more charged, the LED’s will indicate how full it is.  One LED will remain blinking until completely full.

Charging your device using the Sleek:

Note: For best performance, make sure that the Sleek is fully charged. 

  • Insert one end of the included micro-USB cable, or the original cable that came with your device into the smart device. Insert the other end into the Sleek.
  • Turn the Sleek on by pressing the button that is located on the side near the top. The charging process will start.  Charging time will depend on the type of device.
  • When charging is complete, disconnect.

Charging Indicator:

4 LED lights = 75-100% energy remaining

3 LED lights = 50-75% energy remaining

2 LED lights = 25-50% energy remaining

1 LED light = 0-25% energy remaining

It takes approximately 7-8 hours to fully charge your TIGIT Sleek. 




  • Do not store battery in high temperature environment, including intense sunlight heat. Do not place battery in fire or other excessively hot environments.
  • Do not operate the unit if it has been wet or moist to prevent against electric shock and/or injury to yourself and damage the unit.
  • Do not use the unit if it has been dropped or damaged in any way.
  • Do not disassemble this battery or attempt to repair or modify it in any manner.
  • Do not use this unit for anything other than its intended use.
  • Do not attempt to charge battery using any method, apparatus or connection other than the device’s USB connector. For questions or instructions for the various ways to charge the Sleek, refer to this manual.
  • This unit is not a toy and should be kept out of reach of children.
  • Do not attempt to replace any part of this battery.
  • If this battery is intended by Purchaser to be used by a minor, purchasing adult agrees to provide detailed instructions and warnings to any minor prior to use. Failure to do so is sole responsibility of purchaser, who agrees to indemnify Manufacturer for any unintended use/misuse by a minor.
  • All batteries have gone through a thorough quality assurance inspection. If you find that your battery is excessively hot, is emitting odor, is deformed, abrased, cut or is experiencing or demonstrating an abnormal phenomenon, immediately stop all battery use and contact Manufacturer.
  • For extended storage, first charge your battery for one hour.
  • Never dispose of batteries in garbage. Disposal of batteries in the garbage is unlawful under state and federal environmental laws and regulations.  Always take unwanted new and used batteries to your local battery-recycling center.

Charging Your Sleek:

Connect your cable using the bigger, rectangular USB port to charge your device.  The smaller, micro-USB port is used to recharge the Sleek.

Do not charge any device while charging your Sleek.  Charge the Sleek separately from other devices.

TIGIT Return Policy:

For a full return policy, please go to mytigit.com/pages/service-and-warranty


At TIGIT, we are dedicated to making the best quality products we can.  Your new Sleek comes with a  One year warranty from the date of purchase.


Please consult your device packaging to determine whether this Battery is compatible with your particular mobile or smart device.  Manufacturer is not responsible for any damages to any mobile device incurred through the use of this product. 

Manufacturer shall not in any way be liable to you or to any third party for any damages you or any third party may suffer as a result of use, intended or unintended, or misuse of this Battery in conjunction with any device or accessory other than the appropriate mobile device for which this battery is designed.  Manufacturer will not be responsible for any damages you or any third party may suffer as a result of misuse of this Battery as outlined above.  If you are responsible for battery use with an unintended mobile device and damages result from such use, you agree to indemnify Manufacturer for any resulting injuries to any third party(s).  TIGIT Sleek are registered trademarks of TIGIT Inc.  iPhone are trademarks of Apple Inc., registered in the U.S. and other countries. iPad is a trademark of Apple Inc.